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Denso™ Steelcoat™ Protects Ayr Pipe Crossing

Applying Denso Steelcoat 100-400 System to Ayr pipebridgeGeorge Leslie Ltd recently carried out a contract for Scottish Water to remove sections of an existing coating and carry out Non Destructive Testing on a Pipebridge near Ayr. After the testing was complete these areas were then protected with the Denso Steelcoat 100-400 System.

Having examined the system applied to the test areas, Scottish Water then decided that as scaffolding was already in place they would take the opportunity to wrap the whole section of pipe which crossed the River Ayr.

Denso Steelcoat 100-400 System consists of Denso Hi-Tack Primer, Denso Profiling Mastic, Denso Hi-Tack Tape, Denso Ultraseal Tape and Denso Acrylic Topcoat. It is designed to provide long term corrosion protection with minimal surface preparation therefore making it ideal for use in remote areas where prevention of contamination to the surrounding environment is important.

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Denso™ Corrosion Prevention for Wessex Water Pipe Fitting

A Wessex Water pipe-fitting has recently been wrapped with the Denso TM P1 System. The project in Warminster was to install a new pipeline to a pumping house, replacing an old existing pipeline which will now be discontinued.

The Denso P1 System was selected as a result of their products meeting the requirements of the CESWI P1 Specification for Water Industry. The corrosion prevention system comprises Denso Paste, Denso Profiling Mastic and Denso Petrolatum Tape.

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Densostrip™ Used On Refurbished Ross Fountain

As part of a recently completed £1.5million project to refurbish the historic Ross Fountain in Edinburgh, Densostrip™ and Densostrip Primer™ was supplied to provide a permanently watertight seal between precast concrete units.

These precast units form the trenches which house the underground supply of services to the fountain and were both supplied and installed by Creagh Concrete Products.

The year-long restoration project on the new foundations and waterworks (under the Ross Development Trust) now enables the fountain to operate for the first time in years. Industrial Heritage Consulting Ltd were the project managers on the fountain conservation works.

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Densostrip Seals Hinckley North Berth Surfaces

Densostrip seals concrete units at Hinckley North Berth Construction is well underway by Costain on the North Berth project that will serve the forthcoming construction of the Hinckley nuclear power station. Precast concrete units are being applied to the surfaces of the North Berth. As can be seen in the photo, within the black circles, Densostrip is used to permanently seal the concrete units following application of a special primer


Densostrip is a compound rubber and bitumen joint sealing strip specifically for precast concrete units to provide a permanently flexible watertight seal when compressed between joint faces previously primed with Densostrip primer. As well as water and sea water it is resistant to chemical and biological attack. It is also an effective seal for precast concrete box culverts, manholes, inspection chambers, shafts, tunnels and pipe sections.


Denso System Used on Irvine Trunk Main

An aging water main located near Irvine, Ayrshire, was identified by Scottish Water as needing replacement in 2017. The current pipeline, which supplies over 40,000 customers in the region, was to be replaced with a new 12km stretch of polyethylene pipeline. The contractor are Caledonia Water Alliance. A Denso P1 Specification System was selected for the protection of various ductile iron fittings on the project as a result of their products meeting the requirements of the CESWI P1 Specification.

The specifications state that a petrolatum paste (Denso™ Paste) shall act as a primer and cover all areas to be protected. A smooth external profile is then created with the use of a profiling mastic (Denso™ Profiling Mastic) to cover any projections from the pipework. Finally, the profile is spirally wrapped with a protective tape (Denso Tape™) using a 55% overlap.

For extra security on this project, Denso SA PVC Outerwrap™ was used to seal the system and protect the exposed petrolatum tape from UV or any backfill damage.

The ductile iron fittings on the Irvine trunk main replacement are protected with a Denso P1 System.

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Denso Protection System for Hereford Water Pipeline

Lewis Civil Engineering is currently constructing an 8km length water main pipeline in Hereford for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.

Denso Protection System for Hereford Water PipelineWinn & Coales (Denso) Ltd were contacted for information on the most suitable anti-corrosion system along with application training of Lewis Engineers for the pipeline's Viking Johnson joints. The selected Denso system meets the P2 Civil Engineering Specifications for Water Industry and consists of Denso Primer D™, Profiling Mastic and 150mm width Densoclad™ 70 Tape. Denso Profiling Mastic is a vital part of the system, it is applied to seal the voids, bolts and heads around the joints to avoid moisture entrapment. The Densoclad™ Tapes consist of a thick polymer-bitumen adhesive, giving superior adhesion and flexibility, laminated to a tough plasticised PVC backing.

It is expected that Lewis Civil Engineering will install more than six hundred 700mm by 600mm joints and nearly two hundred 700mm diameter Viking Johnson joints. In addition to this there are six 450mm diameter spigot & socket joint pipes. All pipe lengths and joints were supplied in new condition, so no blasting pretreatment was required.

The Denso materials were supplied via Burdens Civil Group, Merthyr Tydfil.

Winn & Coales area manager, top right, trained Lewis Civil Engineering staff to achieve best application of the Denso P2 Joint Protection System

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Denso Steelcoat Protects Scottish Water Pipes

The Denso Steelcoat 100-400 System has been used to protect two water pipes below a footbridge which crosses a small stream at Scottish Water's Killylour Water treatment Works, in Dumfries & Galloway.

The Denso Steelcoat 100-400 System comprises Denso Hi-Tack Primer, Denso Profiling Mastic, Denso Hi-Tack Tape, Denso Ultraseal RT Tape and Denso Acrylic topcoat. The system provides an excellent surface coating solution for exposed steelwork, particularly in areas that are faced with constant damp or humid conditions.

Due to the complexity of the structure and the small gaps between the pipes and supporting steel beams, both the Hi-Tack Tape and Ultraseal Tape had to be applied by a mixture of techniques.

This involved “weatherboard” methods at the joints and “spiral” and “cigarette” wrapping of the barrel lengths. On some sections the rolls of tape were partially “decanted” onto empty cores to allow spiral wrapping where possible. The main contractor for this project was George Leslie Ltd. Sub-contractor was HySpec Services Ltd.

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Denso Steelcoat™ Protects Newquay Private Suspension Bridge

If your home is the beauty of an island, connected to the Cornish coast by a suspension bridge, you have few problems - but one of the biggest is the corrosive marine atmosphere. When the owners of The Island in Newquay were planning maintenance work on their private footbridge they wanted to use a product which would give the steel cables long-lasting protection against the harsh coastal elements.

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd were contacted to meet this challenge and advised the use of their Denso Steelcoat™ 100/400 system. Denso Steelcoat™ Systems provide a cost-effective, long term solution to corrosion on exposed steel and can provide many years of maintenance free service life.

After surface preparation, Denso Hi-Tack Primer™ was applied, followed by Densyl™ Profiling Mastic for filling awkward profiles. Denso Hi-Tack Tape™ was then applied, followed by Denso Ultraseal Tape™ and finally painted with Denso Acrylic Topcoat™.






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Denso Chosen for Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

Densostrip seals pre-cast concrete box culverts on AWPRA consortium consisting of Balfour Beatty