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Pumping Equipment for Denso Void Filler/Denso Steelcoat 50 System

There are many applicatioocns where it is necessary to inject Denso Void Filler hot. Often Denso Void Filler is used to fill the void between cables and polythene ducting which can be upto 250 meters long with 100 meter lift. In these instances and with the pressure limitations of the plastic duct the viscosity of the Void Filler must be reduced to facilitate pumping. Winn & Coales can offer equipment for hire or sale to enable the contractor to carry out these injections to completely fill the void.

Large Contracts

For large contracts eg. bridges where hundreds of tonnes of Void Filler are used and there are often severe operational constraints, it is normal for Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd to liaise closely with the Engineers at the design stage to establish equipment specifications and then tender for the design and manufacture of the equipment to do the job. Typically this would involve heated storage tanks and specialised pumping equipment. For example, for one contract we supplied  a number of 8 tonne portable tanks which were used to transport the product hot in liquid form. Each tank is insulated and has its own internal heating coil which is coupled to a separate heat exchanger unit which maintained the product temperature to 120°C.

The tanks are fitted with a mixer to maintain uniform temperature. We have also supplied self contained pump assemblies with pressure, temperature and flow measuring facility, capable of pumping 40m3 per hour to pressures of up to 12 bar. top

Medium Sized Contracts

Where the contract is not large enough to justify specialised equipment, Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd can offer standard application equipment for sale or hire.

This equipment consists of:-

  1. A portable 3000 litre capacity vessel, fitted with electric heating and mixing.
  2. A portable 50mm gear pump unit capable of pumping 8m3 per hour up to 8 bar.
  3. A piston pump to empty cold Denso Void Filler from 200 litre drums into the 3000 litre tank, where it can then be melted ready for pumping hot.
Small Contracts

For small jobs Winn & Coales can supply the necessary heaters to melt out 200 litre drums of Void Filler and a lid mounted 25mm diaphragm pump that sits on top of the 200 litre drum with a siphon tube to pump directly to the installation.