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Densoband Seals Joints in Toyota Manufacturing
Test Track – Woodstock, Ontario

Sealing & Waterproofing

Project Data

LocationWoodstock, Ontario, Canada
DateFebruary 2018

Project Details

In the summer of 2018, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada undertook repaving of the test track located at their vehicle manufacturing facility in Woodstock, Ontario.

The facility manufactures all types of Toyota consumer vehicles which must undergo high scrutiny evaluations on performance and production quality before being made available to customers.

To do this, a highly specialised and carefully constructed test track was created which allows for employment of highly sensitive testing equipment in vehicles to ensure they pass this final quality control evaluation.

In constructing this 1.5km track, the contractor suggested the use of Densoband as they had used it with great success in the past. Toyota engineers, who had been flown in from Japan to oversee construction, were interested and agreed to the use of Densoband.

Overseeing installation, the engineers were impressed by the concept of the Densoband as well as the ease of installation.