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Denso Skid Resistant Overbanding Tape

A bituminous sealing membrane that provides a skid-resistant seal when applied over cracked asphalt or failed reinstatement joints on road surfaces.

Denso Skid Resistant Overbanding Tape is a polymer modified bituminous tape for surface sealing of cracks or failed reinstatement joints up to 5mm wide in road pavements on secondary roads. Application of the tape prevents ingress of water which can cause further cracking and spalling of the road surface. Once applied the tape has a skid resistant surface which has been independently tested and proved to exceed the minimum skid resistance value for overbanding materials specified by the Department for Transport (UK). Suitable for hand or machine application.

To reduce environmental impact, Denso Skid Resistant Overbanding Tape incorporates reused materials and is packaged using recycled packaging.

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  • Cold-applied
  • Skid resistant
  • Helps prevent further deterioration of the joint

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